Thursday, July 26, 2007

One of those Days- Part 2

Okay, I have frantically rewritten after hearing from my lovely critique partner. Seriously, I am sooooo horrid at a lot simple things that you'd think an author person would/should know. Both my editor and my critique partner are Goddesses of amazing powers and talents.

However, neither of them have seen the rewrite so again - Proceed with caution and kindness in your heart.

I included the Author's Note because it's part of the beginning and I really enjoy it. You know how I love writing a good fable...sometimes it traps me into a series and junk. Wait, we're not discussing books that are not cliff... you know what I mean.

Moving is it. Would you want to read this book from seeing this opening?

7/31/07 The post has been deleted due to more rewrites. **&^%@$!1!^*
I love them.


Kelly said...

still interested!

Jennifer K. said...

Me too! Have you told us about this one before? I may have to search back and see.

Gail said...

Thank you Kelly! Hey Jennifer. I don't think I've shared much of this one. It's been the thorn in my side so probably not. 91,000 words written and I can't get the opening right. It's maddening!! The book is one chapter from finished on the back-end and the opening is still bothering me.

joan said...

*blissful sigh* I think your critique partner would approve!

zinreads said...

Oh yeah, definitely want to read this one.... Alex sounds quite intriging.