Monday, July 9, 2007


Doing the idiot author happy dance! Thank you all for the support. I was going to leave this in the comment section, but well, I adore these guys. LOL

To answer one question: "Will the next three books be the end of the Ghost Unit?" I can't remember which book I pointed it out in, but there is a hint. I did tell you that Ghost Unit is a "legacy" title. There was one before. The original Ghost Unit functioned following Viet Nam through the Cold War.

Current Ghost Unit knows of them but does not know real names. With the exception of Gray. Gray freaking knows everything. He's a scary bastard.

The term Ghost Unit was earned on a mission they had no chance of surviving. It was the one time someone was left behind. The original team made a promise they've kept above every other loyalty. Breaking that promise is the one mission they want. Cold eyes look to the east and burn the dry-ice heat of Hell frozen over.


Kelly said...

I know which one! Yay! I was hoping you would let us know more about the original Ghost Unit

So now you need to write faster...

Gail said...

humph...writing faster means you get a disjointed story outline. LOL

So was it Wanna Play? I have two Ghost Unit books in progress along with two completely seperate books so I'm not sure when I wrote it.

Kelly said...

Uh-huh- sure it would mean disjionted story lines...I believe ya,sure I do...LOL!

Yup it was Wanna Play

Anonymous said...

Hello, I read the excerpt for Wanna Play at Ellora's Cave and I'm VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE ACTION SCENE!

Some romances bore me to death because they aren't *exciting*. Atleast your characters are hot and really earned their great bodies!
I like darker fics with a sense of danger and I'm glad I found you.

I'll buy it when I get my pay check!