Friday, August 17, 2007

OMG two reviews from Two Lips!!!!

Two seems to be a theme. LOL I'm so honored to have two of those talented reviewers reading WANNA PLAY! I so wish I knew how to put a link in here but since I don't, here are excerpts from both reviews.

Writen by Tara Renee
"Jas is the epitome of strength and determination, having lived through every woman’s nightmare. Her attitude only turns Blaster on; it doesn’t discourage him as it might a weaker man. In fact, Blaster may be the only man on Earth capable of allowing Jas the freedom to be herself. He is the ultimate Alpha male, protective of his woman and strong enough to let her protect him. When Blaster and Jas come together in passion, the scenes explode in an erotic delight, leaving the reader desperate for more. I found myself sad to see the book end, as I would have been content to read for hours more of this incredible book."

Isn't that lovely? Here is the next one.

Written by Joni
"What a rush Wanna Play brought to my senses. This story embodies everything a reader could ask for and more in an action-packed, sexy thriller. ... You just never know what comes next. That's the beauty in the element of surprise, which requires the art of timing that only an author who's honed the craft of storytelling can accomplish and this particular author does well time and again. ... Gail Faulkner is truly gifted when it comes to creating stories that are packed with deep emotion, physical as well as sexual prowess of very yummy alpha heroes, with glimpses of evil that leave you spellbound and gripping the edge of your seat as you turn each page. Blaster and Jas will be forever with me as I'm sure they'll be for other readers long after the story has ended. Wanna Play is the third installment in the Ghost Unit series and is just as great as those preceding it. Bravo Ms. Faulkner for yet another job well done!"

Okay, I should have shortened that more for a post, but dang, I like it to much. LOL

Thank you both. I'm honored you enjoyed the book and wrote so eloquently about it. Now, I have to write a synop, what do you two charge to do it for me????? I wish.


Susan said...

Congrats for the great reviews! It is a fantastic book and worthy of such great reviews. Woohoo Gail!

Susan said...

Your puppy is sooo cute. My daughter would have a fit to have one. Good luck house

Gail said...

Thank you Susan! The puppy has me trained very well, she's quite happy with the situation. LOL

Kerin said...

Congratulations - Wanna Play is awesomely fantastic and deserves many, many accolades!!