Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sent the story in!!

Okay, submited STEALING CARMEN this morning. No idea when I'll hear if it's accepted. If anyone keeps track, you'll see how long we authors worry each time a story is sent in.

To celibrate, here's another bit of it.

What he deserved was his ass handed to him. He should have been paying more attention to her. Just watching her from a distance and mooning over that ripe ass and those soft tits had been all about him. He’d already failed her by not recognizing her need and seeing that she was coming to a crossroads. It wouldn’t have been this weekend, or next. But he’d bet within a month she’d have taken her beautiful self up to the big city to investigate a lifestyle club. That shit was not going to happen.

“You will have a safe word. Everything stops anytime you want. Using it is not a failure. You will not be afraid to use it. If I suspect you should have used it and didn’t I’ll spank your ass. Understand?” Jack waited for her to nod. “I have to leave in less than twenty-four hours. If we enjoy this, you’ll have time to make up your mind after I leave. So are you willing? Want to know what it feels like to be a submissive?”

Carmen bit her lip as she stared up at him. Then she nodded.

“No, baby. You need to say the words. Say my name and ask to be my submissive. Then tell me your safe word,” he commanded calmly. There was no way he would ever let her feel he’d taken something she didn’t want to give.

Carmen opened her mouth and closed it again. Her legs clenched as a shudder ran up her body. Jack enjoyed the evidence of her excitement. Having to voice her submission while the wicked device buzzed in her cunt was going to make her desperate. His natural submissive was losing her mind. Yep, he was a very bad man. Knowing this, he did nothing to relieve her. He wanted her to associate her submission with sexual pleasure she couldn’t control.


Kelly said...

Oooo, I've got my fingers crossed that you hear asap!

N.J.Walters said...

Good luck with your submission, Gail. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Gail said...

Thank you NJ! Thanks Kelly! I really should be doing something else besides worrying about it.

Jennifer K. said...

Alright! I want it. I hope your people get back to you ASAP about it.

It would be great to have another release from you before year's end. Keep up the good work.

And good luck with your new puppy! I recently got a 6-month-old lab mix after only having 3 cats for years. Can I just say ... it's been an adjustment. ;) I have a newfound appreciation for mothers and fathers and anyone else who takes care of baby/young creatures. Whew! I need a vacation.

Gail said...

awww Jennifer, you're such good person! I'm sure the puppy is so luckly to have you as a mommy! Thank you for the encouragement.

zinreads said...

Umm, yeah.... I now have another book to buy on my list! *lol* Here's hoping you hear back soon.


Kerin said...

Hot, hot, hot! Okay, I'm dieing to know what the safe word is!!! LOL - hopefully you'll hear post-haste!!