Friday, August 31, 2007

Who the heck was that?

Here's a stupid problem. I've written this book. It's a paranormal suspense. I love it. I can't write a coherent synopsis of it. CAN NOT DO IT.

Every time I try it comes out in truly strange fashion. Sometimes I sound like someone else trying to write in Gail Faulkner's voice. Those times stump me. Am I channeling an evil sister or something. I do have a sister and she's published, she's not evil so it can't be her. BTW- she doesn't write erotica, or even romance. Sometimes it sounds like a romantic romp...which it is NOT. It's even sounded like History of Eastern Europe 101. Yeah, it's not that either.

I'm developing a mental block. Not really a block, sorta a "boogy man" image of writing this outline. Guess that is a block. Part of the reason I was so frustrated I wrote an entirely different book in a month was this stupid outline.

I wonder if it's acceptable to have someone else write the outline of a book one submits to an agent? I mean, that lying? The facts are all the same, just written by someone who doesn't sound like a candidate for the "special" school of writing. The one where the person who DIDN'T eat their crayons last night gets a star.

okay....back to the beast, I mean book.


joanie said...

ooooo, but i wikes crawons! specially the pwetty pink wons. can i have a star for not eatin' the gwue instead??? pwwwease?

Gail said...

Humph, not eatin da glue don't get no star. Glue not bad for you!

Kelly said...

Mememememe! I didn't eat the crayons,heck it was more fun drawing outside the lines with them.
I know you can do it!

Jennifer K. said...

Shoot! Send it to me. I'll write it!

Give it to Jennifer, she'll write anything. Hey, Jennifer!

(For those who remember the "Give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything" commercials ... was that in the 70s? Damn, I hate getting older)

*ponders* I wonder how much longer I can get away with claiming to be 26?

Gail said...

Thank Kelly :P

Jennifer, can't be 26 if you keep referenceing things that happened before you were born! Now get with the program and lie good!

eddie said...

I like the play doh stuff - it tastes better than crayons!

Have you had any luck with the beast?

Sometimes when I am stuck, I write everything in point form, then read it back and flesh it out.. sounds a bit dumb, but sometimes it works!

Gail said...

Good way to do it Eddie, thanks.

Oh I forgot about playdoe! Good catch. Course they always put that way in those little things with plastic covers. I can't get the cover off!

The beast is comming. The outline crap is not. LOL