Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What did you expect??

There has been a lot of blog-talk about how dumb authors are. How as a group we're not good business people. We have poor judgement when reading a contract. We are clueless on how a publishing company should be run. Our public relations skills stink and we are hopeless when it comes to legal issues.

WELL - DA!!!!

Authors live in fantasy land!! How does being imaginative prepare a person for Business, Economics, Legal double talk, and Slick Spin-Control?

If we were good at all the other stuff we probably wouldn't write and expect to make a living. Coz that's just crazy talk!

DISCLAIMER- There are some among us who are straight-up wizards at all those things and wonderful authors as well. Just saying its not the norm.


N.J.Walters said...

The business and promotional aspects of writing as definitely something you have to learn.

Some writers will always be better at it than others. Depends on your background. It's a steep learning curve, and most of us will make mistakes along the way. And that's okay!

Meri said...
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Kerin said...

Seriously? Good thing I only read your ridiculous and just asinine. I can't imagine a harder job than writing - the talent and COMMITMENT it takes is tremendous. The business side of things, piece of cake for me - writing? It would be easier for me to squeeze a 64" color tv outta my vagina (I'm watching football...for the next five months EVERYTHING WILL BE ABOUT FOOTBALL)...and Pebbles cause she's too cute for words...see - don't have to write then either.

I love the word verification...this time it's "kbmflfz"...I always to make it an acronym for something and WHY do I have a little handicapped sign??? That's not very nice. Harrumph.

Gail said...

Kerin, the little handicap sign is there in case you can't type. It's there for everyone, not just you. LMAO.

The business side is a struggle for lots of us. I hate it. I love writing. I love interacting with readers. I don't like counting beans and looking for the predators out there. Counting beans and avoiding predators is part of the deal though.