Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday already

It's been one of those weeks. Friday comes as a surprise because it doesn't feel like I got enough done. Not enough writing. Not enough of the other stuff I do to make a living and not enough house work.

I confess I am a piler. That means I put things down in piles all over the place. I intend to put them "away" but not right now. This is bad. What's worse is I live with a packrat-piler. Not only does he pile, he wants to keep everything. You can see how quickly this can get out of hand.

I love the look of clean surfaces. Bare spaces. Minimalist decor. I can't seem to manage it for more than five minutes. I must not love it enough. Not more than the manuscript I'm in a hurry to get back to. That's for sure.

I tell myself a maid would be nice. But honestly, a maid can not put away the piles of papers. The stacks of stuff that is to important to throw away. The poor dear would have to vacuum and dust around them. That would not be the help I need.

What I need is ruthless organization. Does anyone do that as a weekly service? LOL


Kerin said...

Could I use spreadsheets?

Today the word verification was "qwhgo"...Quit When He Goes Outside...

Gail said...

LMAO spread sheets! That's my problem, all managment and no managee's. Or however ya spell that