Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So would you buy it? How much do ya think you'd pay?

Fast acting for instant relief when facing an Idiot.
Non drowsy, may be habit forming, aid for a few moments.

Warning: Over-medicating due to prolonged idiot exposure has in not really rare cases resulted in rage. If this occurs, stop taking Clara-Idiot and call the authorities immediately. See your mental health professional upon your release from incarceration.
(They made us use the big letters for the Warning. We didn't want to.)

Attractive packaging can be proudly displayed both at work and at home, proving to all that you are indeed doing your part to promote peace in our lifetime. Or at least tolerate the idiots. Who could ask for more?

Always a thoughtful gift for any occasion. Friends and family will thank you.
(There should be glowing customer reivews here but we are mostly to lazy to post them.)

Hurry! Order now! Supplies are limitless.

Overnight delivery available, for a huge fee.

All shipping costs are yours.
Available through Pay-Pal.

THERE SHOULD BE PHOTO HERE OF LARGE WHITE PILL BOTTLE WITH ATTRACTIVE (though slightly tacky) LABEL SCREAMING … (Remember the lazy part above? That’s why there is no photo, but take our word for it, the bottle is impressive.)

Fast acting for instant relief when facing an Idiot.

Bla bla bla blab la
Bla blab la bla
disclaimers and junk

Upon receiving this bottle fill with
your favourite candy.
Food and Drug, or Health and Safety, or
um...some other government agency might get really mad
at us if we fill the bottle for you.


Anonymous said...


Joanie said...

Ship me 4,000 bottles! Do you have express overnight delivery??

Gail said...

Thank you Ms Joanie. Of course we have Express, Overnight Delivery. This service includes the Super Hunky Delivery Man and a promise he wears at the most, shorts, shirt and shoes. Individual applications of this promise may vary depending on the climate and time of year you order. However, we really hope it all works out for you. Also, the order will be shipped as soon as we receive your Money Order of only fifteen thousand dollars.

thank you
customer service
We the nationals of India are happy to have mangled your questions and offered irrelevant information.

Okay, I'm having way to much fun with this.

joanie said...

Oh my GAWD! Stop! Your killing me here!

Don't get me started on the folks in India employed by my company.

:rolling eyes: