Friday, October 19, 2007

STEALING CARMEN -Ellora's Cave Dec. 26

A little bit of Jack.

Stealing Carmen- Ellora's Cave Dec 26
WARNING- This is a contemporary with light D/s

He also wanted her to know he’d mark her. He enjoyed seeing the pink spots on her breasts. Later the marks would not be so light. Not from nipping her, from sucking on that delicious flesh and leaving hickeys wherever he wanted. Some dominants marked women in much harsher ways and Jack had never gotten that. With Carmen he suddenly understood it to a certain extent.

Marking was basic, primal. Males are visual creatures and it was pleasing to see her pale, soft skin accept his marks. Damn, it was sexually addictive too. A guy with shaky self-control and a willing woman could easily get out of hand. Another thing his nature had never understood in the past. Now he totally identified with the urge to see his mark on her permanently in some erotic way. Would she accept a piercing? Shit. He needed more control. This was no time to even think that.

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Kelly said...

I am so in lust with Jack!

Oh and I'll be seeing you next june YAY!

Zhan said...

Thanks for the excerpt. December can't come soon enough!

Anonymous said...

DAMN!! is it hot in there or what!?!?! can't wait to read the whole thing:)

Gail said...

Is it snowing yet? Dang, it's not December yet. LOL