Monday, January 21, 2008

There better be more!

I must have more!
Just finished one audio book by Karen Marie Moning as read by Phil Gigante. Currently on the hunt for MORE.
If you've ever enjoyed a Highland book, and Moning does them soooo well, you must hear it purred to you by a man who can put sin into voice. This is where I first heard of the dark voice. Now I'm a hopeless fan girl or a ruthless hunter, um...perhaps they are the same thing, but I must have more Moning read by Phil G!!!!!!


QB said...

BWHAHAHAHA- My ebil plan to ensnare the rest of the world in my addiction is working!

BTW, which one did you listen to?

Gail said...

qb, you are a bad bad bad girl. The one I could find was Beyond The Highland Mist.

Now I have to order the rest. I should not being doing this. I have to write.

QB said...

Think of it as inspiration and research. A way to free your imagination.

See? It's REQUIRED as part of your work. ;-D

byrdloves2read said...

OMG he's awesome. Oh and I love the emotion of the cat - it's perfect.

the.witch said...

I loved her Immortal Highlander, and have another sitting in my TBR pile...would love to hear that voice of his though. You 2 girls make him sound delicious. :)

foblady said...

I love Karen Marie Moning's Higlander books. I always laugh a lot reading them. I just got a book by her called DARKFEVER but I'm worried cause she wrote it in first person and I normally don't care for first person books. What I really enjoyed was the Kitty Picture. That there is a cat with attitude! Gail you are right. You shouldn't be doing this you need to write but sometimes relaxing is good too.