Friday, February 1, 2008

It was that day...

Was up at three a.m. to write. Figured I'd take a nap later after the girl child is off to school. Looked out the window at six a.m. and see we are having the mother of all ice storms. Of course school is canceled.

Forgot the cable repair man is coming until you Mr. Handsom repair guy is at the door. I'm in sweat shirt and flannel jammie bottoms, my writer's uniform. I pretend I meant to wear that while stud muffin man strides from my bedroom to my basement and back outside for half an hour. Puppy is trying to climb him, and I'm predending yelling my head off at her is working. Girl child desides it's time to learn ironing and puts up the ironing board right in his path of endless room walking.

Grab puppy on the next pass. Make girl child take down ironing board amid a fit that humiliates me.

Repair man leaves. Have serious talk with child. Child then desides she's going to go live with Grandma. I'm about to help her pack. We finally come to terms with the fact that I'm her Mom forever so she has to be my child forever. I sit her at kitchen table with bowl of cerial and go get that shower and change of clothes I need so desperately .

Returning I find her having dumped a bag of tiny styrophome balls all over the table and floor. Puppy is trying to eat balls. Child also has other items she's conducting "experiments" with. Tiny balls attract static and are clinging to everything.

I turned around and shut bedroom door to compose self. Open it again to find child trying to vacuum balls but all she's managed to do is open vacumm and dump old dirt on top of balls. Now puppy is gagging and about to throwup on said mess.

Repaired vacuum and captured all remaining balls and old dirt. It was only elleven a.m.

It was that day...
Added Feb 2, ...the next day:
I wrote this because I had done so privately to a friend, looking for sympathy, and she had the good sense to laugh at me, the child, the puppy, everything.

Laughter healed me. Moms don't need sympathy. We need friends who help us laugh at ourselves.

I adore you all for laughing with me while realizing I really did think my head would explode.


byrdloves2read said...

Hugs babe. Tomorrow will be better. Has to be, I think.

zinreads said...

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat.

MMy mom used to walk around the house mumbling "I love my chilren, I have to love my children, of course I love my children, I MUST love my children"

It was at this point, my brother and I knew it was time to occuppy ourselves quietly in our rooms. *g*



Anonymous said...

i know that this was probably the day from hell but it has to be said that the way you wrote it out was hilarious. It sounds like one of those times when it was so bad and then you told someone about it and you both end up on the floor crying and holding you stomachs from the laughter....just my thought:)

QB said...

Oh, yeah- you've got both my sympathy AND my empathy! And you're right, afterwards it's damn funny, but at the time you probably thought every cell in your brain was about to explode.

I have 4 kids-- 21, 21, 15, 12. I hate to break this to ya, but the twitching doesn't go away as they get older, it just gets less funny afterwards. *sigh*

*repeating Zinread's Mom's mantra: I love my children, I have to love my children..."*

Gail said...

This may sound silly, every one of you give me something amazing. I love hearing your thoughts.

I am writing the helpful mantra down, it's good to warn the children that way. LOL

Yikes QB. Twins to begin with? And you had more children? Brave woman, or that husband of yours is way hot!

Your right Anon, it gets funnier the further from the events I get.

Byrd, I know you've seen it all and survived. My hero. Proof that being a mom can be lived through.

Anonymous said...

Try getting back at the girl child with some mind playing. My mother's favorite was "I love you, I just don't like you."

Still have nightmares about that but tend to use myself. The look of confusion is priceless.