Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dragons beyond this point...

Unedited excerpt. Sorry, read at your own risk.

“You should have slapped my face and told me to keep my animal paws off you.”

Her brows went up. “How could I do that? Reading you in the kitchen was informative. You think my daughter is a miracle. You would give your life to protect her. But that’s not the reason I wanted that kiss, Cord. When you think of me you are loyalty, protection, defense and you think I’m hot. I’m willing to be an idiot long enough for the big, handsome man to lick every inch of my body, several times. I’m finding it difficult to be opposed to that plan.”

Cord crossed the space between them and cupped her face with both hands. “No, baby, you don’t read me like you think. You read what you want to see. Those intentions are true, but not the only truth, Kelly girl.” His nose was almost touching hers as he held her gently. “Look again. Tell me what you see.”

Her eyes on his, her spirit spread through his consciousness. She became an inquisitive spring breeze that touched him from the inside out. His response was powerful, surging to meet her, surrounding her, blending with her. He didn’t shield its depth from the beautiful wind witch who stroked him with her attention.

“Possession,” she gasped.

“Yes,” he gritted. Complete, irrevocable possession. I mentioned I was the product of brilliant minds. Notice I didn’t say the child of, I used the words product of. In the making of me, DNA was gathered from many sources. All predators, some you know, some no longer exist, but the significance of those species was not just skill as deadly aggressors. I didn’t realize the importance of their mating habits before. Every one of those predators mates for life."

He was leaning over her again. He took his hands off her, flattening them on the wall. If she’d looked down she’d see deep palm prints in the drywall where his hands had been while kissing her. He wasn’t harmless and gentle. He wasn’t some casual thrill because it had been so long. She needed to understand that he was her last thrill.

Her brows drew together as she regarded him. “It’s not like…”

“It’s not your fault. I’m not a man. Understand?” Even though she was a wind witch she was still thinking in terms of him being a man or something with human reactions.

“I’m not anything you could have dreamed up. I’m not even an animal. I’m the product of desperate times. A creature made to endure the end of the world when dragons ruled. I exist to support the fragile hope that humans could survive if they were given another chance.” Cord stopped. This wasn’t making sense to her. He could see it on her face. Of course it wasn’t.

Well, telling you more would give a way to much.


Anonymous said...

Siiigh, I think she read him right the first time

Kelly-wants Cord

Anonymous said...

oh man!!!! please please please tell me this is coming soon?!?!? i need my gail fix:)

Anonymous said...

Big, gigantic swoon.... I missed Cord. Thanks Gail for my fix....
When can we expect the full Cord in all his glory?????
Thanks so much Gail... Even little glimpses of Cord/dragon get my heart and pulse racing.

Gail said...

Isn't he adorable in a big growly way? LOL

I'm working on it but Kelly, Minuet and Cord are still finding thier way.

byrdloves2read said...

Ooooo, possessive hmmm? He sound glorious. I'm with everyone else, when, when, when?

Georgia Woods said...

Sweetie, these teases you keep giving us are just not fair!! :-) We're dying here...we want more!

Great job, as usual...will be watching for this one (flicking my editor whip) so, umm...when's it gonna be done? Oh...I can't do that 'cause I'm not YOUR editor? Darn...will whining work?


Gail said...

LOL. How come Georgia's whip looks so much like my editor's? Hummmm...all editors have them??

I workin on it.

Thanks for dropping in.

Georgia Woods said...

Yes, absolutely we all have them - I believe it's a genetic thing. However, some of use are more skilled in the use of them than others... ;-)

Hugs back!