Thursday, March 13, 2008

When is my next book being released???

EDITED TO ADD: I am not complaining. I really love getting notes from anyone willing to spend a bit of their time writing me. It makes my day. Telling me you're wanting another book from me is inspiration. I must be doing something right. Truthfully, authors live for that stuff. We spend a lot of time alone talking to the voices in our heads. Real people are kinda nice to chat with sometimes. LOL

Several wonderful people have asked me this question. I love hearing from you but I guess I should say something in a more public setting than emails.

Here is the deal. I just finished a paranormal told through an erotic romance. However, this manuscript was solicited by a New York Print House. I sent it to them Monday. As I understand it, waiting to hear if they wish to consider it could take six to nine months. Huge difference from an epublishing time table. I’m sure this is because volume is different or something as logical as that.

If I’d sent it to my beloved editor at EC, I’d wait four to six weeks to hear from her. That’s how booked she is, but still, way better than six to nine months.

Right now I’m working on another Ghost Unit book for EC. If they accept it, I hope to know a publish date some time this summer. Also working on the dragon. I’m aiming for a mid size book and would like to get it finished fairly soon.

I would love to have at least two releases through epub this year, but do not have dates on that yet.

I’m so thrilled people want to see the next book. That compliment is amazing to me and I can’t thank you enough for letting me know that’s how you feel. I wish I wrote faster but on the other hand, it would be garbage if I did. It doesn’t come out of my head in readable fashion. LOL I have to work on it a while to get the book how it needs to sound.


Anonymous said...

Dear Gail,
I know that sometimes it may seem that your readers are a little impatient....Sorry, we don't mean to be an extra burden. We just love what's inside your head and we can't wait to read where your imagination will take us to next. We don't mean to add undue stress. Please forgive. We'll try to pant and swoon more quietly so that you have the uninterrupted time to work and create in peace. We just love what you do!!

Gail said...

akkkk! Nooo, I didn't mean it that way! I love hearing from every one of you. I was trying to be unselfish and talk to everyone at once. No complaining from me about people wanting to know when the next book is comming out. I adore reading those things. I get all fuzzy and smiley. LOL

byrdloves2read said...

We just love what's inside your head and we can't wait to read where your imagination will take us to next.

Well said, Rita.

Anonymous said...

sigh, Thank You! I have been out of touch for the past couple of weeks. Stressed with work stuff and life. Thank you for the sneak peaks as they just made my days much more managable. We may not know when they will come out but it helps to have something to look forward to! Your imagination and friends brighten my days.

Laura K said...

OMG what a cute little pug puppy! Had to comments on the pug...and the post! When your next book comes out, it comes out. I'd rather wait a while for a great book, then get a lackluster one.