Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I was Lucky!

I submitted my first manuscript to Ellora's Cave long enough ago that I didn’t have to write a query letter or an outline and they still read the thing. I know, amazing. The deal is, I didn’t learn an important skill. Query letter and interesting synopsis.

I’ve tried. My editor, all bow to Goddess of the Corned, finally told me she has to ignore my synopsis because I make such a mess of them. If she reads it she’s sure she’ll hate the story. Then reading the book she finds something completely different. LOL

I will confess that I’ve never had a manuscript refused, yet. Goes to show how bad I am at synopsis. Even though my editor is sure she’ll hate the story before she starts reading it, I manage to change her mind with the manuscript. Talk about digging a hole to climb out of.

Here is where my problem begins. So I was amazingly asked to submit a full manuscript the first time I pitched a New York publishing house editor. Yikes. Now I have to figure out how to write a query letter to get an agent. If I get a response from an agent, they want a synopsis along with a partial. Dang it!

I’ve been struggling with the mysterious query letter and elusive synopsis. The only conclusion I’ve come up with is, query letter equals the writer flashing the agent. It’s distinctly uncomfortable for the flasher. The flash recipient is understandably jaded. They get flashed all day long.

(head to desk, repeat until knowledge enters) The more I read about this skill the less I know about it. So again, luck is going to play a huge part in getting anyone to read this manuscript. Please, I don’t recommend relying on luck. Some of us are just reduced to it.


joan said...

Let's hope your luck holds!

zinreads said...

Maybe if you ask nicely, a critique partner or your editor at EC will read your draft and help you refine iou are a very talented writer Gail, and I am sure you will prevail.

Maybe you should tell yourself about the book (and tape it) then just type what you hear on the tape and go from that point?

Ann (wishing you much luck!)