Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm special

I have been very blessed in how wonderfully well received my work has been in the e-book romance world. I suppose it would be honest to say readers have spoiled me. (Not that anyone needs to quit said spoiling) Can’t tell you how remarkable my critique partners are. I have the most amazing editor who is both ruthless and adorable. I know, hard to do but she makes it work.

As you can see, my obsession with writing meets with positive support, constructive critique and miraculous editing. I’m grateful to each person involved. Then readers take the time to let me know they enjoy the book and I’m seriously humbled by that.

You might wonder why I’m listing my blessings. I’m trying to be very nice about saying the old school print publishing world is wicked harsh. So glad I didn’t start there.

Could be I’m simply a "challenged" query writer. In fact, most likely. Learning that skill set is critical. Me must find the “special” class. Dem agent peoples does no not play.

Well, counting ones blessings is always a good idea. If there were no challenges there would be no thrill in success.


Anonymous said...

Dear Gail,
Now that we are listing our blessings,(of course family, friends, health) but I'd like to mention another personal one; I am grateful for the day I found Full Ride. I would assume that most writers strive for the "print world", but I have read some of my most treasured favorites from the e-print(yours in particular). I guess it's all apples and oranges... Your readers love what you do whether you write in e or print. We anxiously wait for whatever "ride" your imagination takes us. Thanks Gail,

Georgia Woods said...

Hear, hear!! I second that. And you know, I think things happen in their own time, as they are supposed to. I know it seems authors all want to see their name in print, on the shelves of bookstores and such. And it would be wonderful to have the opportunity to get our stories out in front of more people. But I also think that those authors who learn the trade, who learn their craft, and who took the time and developed a following, along with preparing themselves for the changes moving to print will bring to their lives, are better grounded and more likely to succeed. So, IMHO, you should relax and let us adore you, and before you know it, that perfect agent will come looking for you.


Gail said...

Rita, you're gonna make me get a tissue. Thank you so much for the support!

Georgia, what a doll you are. I'm so grateful for gentle understanding. You're authors are lucky folk.

Thinking I should write post on how I feel backwards into needing an agent. I didn't mean to do it, honest. LOL

I adore the e-book world. I think with all the economic factors e-books can only grow as a market. Print is a whole different game. Almost totally unrelated to the world I am so comfortable in.

Of course, one gets comfortable in in a comfort zone. Hence the name. My DH keeps telling me that I have to take the opportunity presented to me. If it doesn’t work out I'll know it wasn't because I didn't try. Humph.

So, I trying.

byrdloves2read said...

I've read so many stories about other writers who kept receiving rejections but they eventually sold. Keep your hopes up. And in the meantime, I'll keep buying your ebooks. *G*