Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I should explain

I'm seeking an agent because …um…what if it all works out?!!

Here is how it started.

Last year I’m at the fun filled Lori Foster Get Together Conference. Prior to the event two professional friends give me a hard time about not scheduling pitch sessions with the agent and editor attending. I repent my shy ways and at the last minute find it’s to late to sign up for the editor, but there is an opening for the agent.

I have an agent appointment. I’m panicking. Author friend and the delightful readers we share lock me in a room with them and we do a group pitch-brainstorming thing. Perhaps two hours later (it seemed longer) I have a pitch, thanks to my pals.

Next day I’m waiting for my turn with the agent. Of course my loyal buddies are there for moral support, or to make sure I don’t cut and run. The editor’s assistant comes out and states the editor will be done with her appointments early, would anyone else like so sign up since she has so much extra time?

I hear –“Scary Editor is so good at rejecting, she needs a few more victims to fill the time slot.” My friend, the author, grabs my shoulders and shoves me at the assistant saying, “She wants an appointment!”

Remember, I haven’t even stumbled through my first ever pitch to the agent yet. Now my name is on Scary Editor list too.

First ever pitch goes reasonably well. Apparently I was speaking English. Nice agent nodded and stuff. Then she asked me for a query and partial.


Not two minutes later I’m sitting in front of Scary Editor. I do my pitch. She seems to understand the words. She asks me a few questions and the last question is: “Is the manuscript done?” I nod and give her the word count. Scary Editor then made a huge mistake and asked me to send her the manuscript. So I help her out by correcting her. “You mean a synopsis and first three chapters.”

The amazing Cindy Hwang of Berkley smiles at me a little pitifully and says. “No. I asked for the full manuscript.”

I have no clear recollection of saying goodbye to her. I hope I didn’t just get up and drift out in a daze. First pitch to an editor and she wants the FULL!

The manuscript is sent. I know it takes forever to hear accept or reject. I’m thinking if the worst happens and she wants my book, which is one of a three book series, I really should have an agent.

There ya have it. I’m seeking representation. The world of NY Publishing is a completely different predator than the e-pub beast and I’m fresh meat. Not so much in the yummy steak way. More the idiot who has lost track of the herd and is easy pickings, way.

Wait, those are both the same thing. See what I mean.


Daffinie said...

Gail, hang in there. You have a great fan club, and we are dying to walk into a store and see your book smack dab as we walk in! Girl, get a grip (smack, smack) and have some confidence - we LOVE your writing, and want to see you move on to your next success. This so exciting, and I am looking forward to hearing more as you move along in this process. You are NOT fresh are the succulent Queen of the Jungle...stand tall...even though we are not in the room with you when you are hearing feedback that may not be as positive as you might like, we definitely are at your back with hugs...and chocolate!

Georgia Woods said...

Sweetie, don't sweat it. If said Scary Editor wants the book, you'll get an agent, and it won't be a scary one. There's nothing agents like more than a sale already made for them by an author who has a following, and honey, you have a BIG following, including one teensy little ebook editor who thinks your stuff rawks big time - I've been reading everything you put out since I "discovered" you when I read "Full Ride", then went back and bought everything you'd written. :-) Then you'll have your pick, and pick well - pick one who loves your stuff, who understands your language, and who understands where you want to go on this ride... Not to worry - it'll happen exactly how it's supposed to.


Lori Foster said...

Gail, what a great story! LOL. I have a hard time thinking of Cindy as "scary editor" because she's so sweet, but I can see how just the unfamiliarity of ANY editor could be scary. It used to be for me too.

Cindy usually takes a year or more to respond because she's so busy. But you should check with her prior to this event to remind when you sent the manuscript! Maybe she'd have news for you AT the event! Wouldn't that be the coolest???

I look forward to seeing you this year. :-)


Terry said...

Gail, from all the books you've written, I would never have guessed that you didn't already have an agent and publisher in your long list of fans.

Surely this has to be like fishing in a barrel for you. If for some insane reason one doesn't seem to "fit", throw it back until you find one mature enough to know the "ropes", so to speak.

What you write and how you write it speaks so directly to my soul, I can't imagine your work not being out among all the masses. This may a less aesthetic step in the journey, but I'm sure you'll come through beautifully, even if it takes a couple of tries. Don't give up. We, your fans, love you, and more deserve to learn of you.

Gail said...

All I can say is I love you guys. Thank you so much for the encouragement!!!

Lori, wow, you commented on my blog! I know Cindy is a wonderful person. I really like her. LOL WOW, a year or more? That’s a shock. Thanks again for letting me know. Very kind of you.

byrdloves2read said...

LOL I remember this but I had no idea you were so scared. Well, actually, I did have some idea. Snort. I'm sure the right agent is out there somewhere. Think positive.