Thursday, May 1, 2008

Why do they say that????

A Fiction Novel: What? Can we possibly confuse it with the True life Novel?

Viagra: So you can be ready when she’s ready. As opposed to when I’m not ready? Is there a pill for that? If there is, I wanna buy stock in it. That stuff will sell.

Quality Control: Gotta control that shit or it gets away from you?? Watch out, Quality is running lose!!

Value Added: WHERE? Is there money inside????

Professional Mom: Are mothers with only one child amateurs? Shouldn’t there be a signing bonus for turning pro????

Buy One Get Second Free: Second? Is it a damaged thing so it’s seconds? Of course that crap is free.

Free Gift Card with the purchase of… That isn’t FREE! They just said I had to purchase some other junk I don’t want! If it were free they'd hand it to me at the door.

Crime Drama: Because there is boring crime that no one gets excited about? That’s not a crime, it’s a job.

Stock up and Save: Buy twice as much as you need to save half as much as its worth. Bla!

Real Time Graphics: As opposed to the fake time graphics?

New and Improved: Does anyone do New and Worse??

Let me be honest with you… So everything you said before was a lie??

Got any good ones that make no sense?

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Anonymous said...

Appearing Live in person!...
I sure wouldn't want to see anyone Dead in person!