Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's scaring me now

I've been using voice recognition for two days and have done more work than I accomplished the last two weeks. It's sort of addictive. The truth is, I can talk faster than the computer can type. Often I'm a whole sentence ahead of it. Even having to go back and correct things it didn't understand doesn't take as much time as typing used to.

Where will it lead? How did I write a book without it? OMG, Sarah is making me an ubber geek. It's all her fault and I loved her for it.

I told another author about it this morning and she's so excited. You people are in for it now, we can write books almost as fast as you can read them. How scary is that?


joan said...

My prayers have been answered! Thank you God!


Linda said...

I'm still reading a book a day. Catch me if you can! LOL

Seriously, I'm so happy for you that this is working out so well. I look forward to reading more of your books more often. hee hee

Anonymous said...

Yea!!!!! You write them fast, we'll read them faster.... How beautiful is this world!!!!!
Thanks Gail,

Gail said...

Ha, a bood a day??? Humph. Well, perhaps not.


Cindyjean said...

I discovered Voice Recog a few months ago...I love it. I can dictate wherever and whenever the muse visits and then download to the desktop or laptop for editing and extrapolating. If VR allows you to write more, then we all benefit. Just reread "Into His Keeping" was even better than the first read. Thanks, Gail