Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wicked Beast....what do ya think of that name?

WICKED BEAST: book one of the Dragon Craft series.

Possible hook:
Created to kill, he has no choices.
Programmed to need, she is his to defend.
He will write the future in blood to protect her from his past.
Call the dragon and reap the wind.

Second book will be SINFUL BEAST.
Third book is ALL BEAST

These are working titles. What do you think of them?


Anonymous said...

I like! And the hook is excellent,even if I didn't already love your books,it'd have me grabbin' it/them(like all the names) up


joan said...

Did you know Google put a content warning on your blog? WTF???

Linda said...

I like the connected names. The hook didn't make sense completely to me. And what Joan said - where'd the content warning come from?

Gail said...

Content warning was me. I hit it by accident.

I was afraid the hook didn't make sense. Makes perfect sense after you read the book. LOL Let me work on that.

For once I figured out I was writing a series before the first book comes out. Makes it much easier. grin

Georgia Woods said...

*sigh* I DO love beasts...they have such lovely growls and deliciously prickly tempers...