Thursday, April 3, 2008

Heed the warning

If a dragon bothers to give you a warning, pay attention. He only does it once.
Unedited, from WICKED BEAST. Read at your own risk.

“Stop,” he breathed.

“I didn’t do anything. You’re the one with dangerous eyes,” she whispered back.

“You liked it. Don’t invite the beast, baby. He doesn’t play nice,” Cord warned.

“Nice is over rated,” Kelly stated.

Cord remained carefully still as he regarded the enticing wind witch. “You’re pushing. Last night was only a taste. Understand what I’m saying?”

Kelly’s bottom lip disappeared under her teeth. Her big eyes remained gazing into the heat pouring form the male holding her. She nodded and little lines appeared under her eyes, her lip reappeared and she pressed into him with her body. A small movement only he could be aware of.

“Is that a promise?” she wanted to know. Her laughing eyes twinkled as she added. “You know how I like promises. They make me feel good.”

Cord’s entire body flashed to rock hard as she pressed into him and demanded he promise her the dominate lover she’d met last night.

“Count on it,” he answered, his arm tightening behind her for a moment. “Feeling very brave, aren’t you baby girl?”

“Should I be afraid?” she asked.

“Depends,” he conceded. “Nothing compares to that path, it changes you. Teaches you needs that can't be unlearned, obsessions that will not let you rest. But if you go there darlin, it’ll be with me. I’ll never let you crave what you can’t have,” he promised her.


joan said...

*blissful sigh*

Anonymous said...

Daaang, I really want the whole book!
And of course Kelly's brave-the name means Warrior Woman... GRIN

Oh and you could use those first two sentences:

If a dragon gives you a warning...
as part of your hook if you're not happy with the other


Anonymous said...

I love voice recognition programs!! Never used it in my life nor seen anyone use it but if it means that i get to read more excerpts sooner, then YIPEEE!!!!

And more books?!?! Hot damn!

Love ya Gail.

Gail said...

Very close to finished with this one. I lurvvv my VR software.

Anonymous said...

What is the name and release date of your next book? I must tell you, I have loved every single book you have written. I read a lot, approximately 50-60 books a month, and I can't say that about many authors. The more you write or tell, as the case may be, the happier fans like me will be. The way I see it is that VRS is nothing short of a blessing. BTW, if you have time, would you email me @ with the name of the VRS you bought? I am interested in purchasing one.