Monday, April 7, 2008

Those loud tulips

Last fall I bought a box of tulip bulbs, but with all the things going on didn’t put them in the ground when I was supposed too last November. This Sunday we cleaned the garage. There was the box of tulip bulbs and every one of those bulbs was yelling at me.

They were all trying to sprout in the box. So I gave into their demands and put them in the ground. Spring is coming and they get pissed if they’re not ready. I resisted the urge to apologize to each bulb as I dutifully placed it in the ground. Does anyone else hear the plants?

Now the seeds in packets are making a racket about getting started in those dirt pellets. Dang, loud seeds. Guess I’m going to get the dirt pellets today.


joan said...

I love tulips! My favorite colars are light pink and dark purple. What are your favorite colors? What color(s) did you plant?

Gail said...

No idea what colors they are until they come up. It was a mixed color box. Love the bright colors, hope I didn't kill the things by planting them late. I mean, they were sprouting in the garage, can't hurt to put them in the ground.