Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A STAR at any cost

RT turned into a tiny snapshot of this generation’s challenges.

I find the whole camera incident bizarre -EDIT - And apparently most of that story did not happen. I hate being caught up in a good story, oh, wait, I write fiction. Gaaaaa! I'm as gullible as the next person.
Still, recent events in high schools and colleges across the country are disturbing.
We have a generation of teenagers who feel being famous at any cost is okay. For some of them fame has become a compulsion. We’ve all seen the evidence, girls beating other girls and filming it for the Internet. Boys creating elaborate murder/suicide plans, taping a statement to be posted after they are dead.

These children have an important thing in common. They are preying on their peers. It’s adults who victimize/kill strangers. I find that fascinating. No idea what the physiological profile is on it, I’m simply going by current events as I have noticed them.

The same can be said for the model who didn’t win Mr. Romance. He did find a way to be the center of attention, didn’t he?

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