Thursday, April 24, 2008

When is my next book?

Yep, I've been asked that several times and I wish I had a good answer. I can tell you what I hope will happen, but I have no control of a lot of the process.

Currently I have a manuscript being considered by a print publisher. No idea when I'll hear back on it and if they will accept it for publication. If they do, the actual book could take over a year to get on book store shelves.

The excerpt below is from WICKED BEAST, which I hope will be released by EC this summer. Thing is, I haven't submitted it yet so no idea if they will accept it. I need about five thousand more words to to tie up the plot. Humph, maybe more. I think there will be one more love scene. Those dragons are insatiable.

I am working on BLIND FIRE, the next Ghost Unit book and I'd like it see EC release it this fall. Again, who knows.

I'd also like to get the second dragon book in this year but have to finish the Unit book before I can do that one.

Um, is that clear? LOL


“Don’t do it,” he cautioned. “Don’t bring the hunter. Let me be gentle.”

His sentences were sharp, powerfully minimal. He was asking for surrender, cautioning her not to run. Kelly had to breathe through her mouth to get enough air as his threat burned down her body.

“You told me there would be no gentle,” she reminded him in cautious tones as she consciously relaxed, slowly lowering her body to the bed. She couldn’t remove the watchful looked from her eyes. Fear, excitement, whatever, he brought them all to the room. This was what she’d wanted but the tension was difficult to work through.

“Gentle as relative. I want you to be sure. For about two more seconds I can turn around and leave this room. After that asking is over. Say yes.”

“Yes to what,” Kelly wanted to know. She was lying naked on a bed and the man wanted her to say yes. What did he need, sign language? How much more yes could be required?

“Say it Kelly,” he rumbled.

His insistence on hearing the simple word raised big, loud, screaming warnings. His reluctance to explain what the yes was about dotted those warnings with flashing red lights. This naked woman was going to ignore all the flashing, screaming, blinking warnings because the dragon at the door had just removed clothing with a thought and she was all out of time to think.



Anonymous said...

I'm keepin' my fingers crossed that Wicked Beast comes out by august 6 cause I should get a dragon for my b-day...don't ya think?

We know you don't have any control of when they come out, we just want them all now!

Kelly- a tad impatient

byrdloves2read said...

I just love this dragon. Ditto what Kelly said. Wouldn't that be neat if EC could be persuaded to make Wicked Beast a birthday present to Kelly. You could ask.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap Batman!!!
That was awesome!!!
(Heavy into exclamation points... as you can see!!)
Thanks Gail,

Gail said...

I think a birthday present for Kelly is a lovely idea.

The story is DONE! Just editing now.