Monday, June 30, 2008

from working title WICKED BEAST

Something from Cord and Kelly. Hope you enjoy.

Kelly distracted Cord from his thoughts as her head turned into his body and her lips glided over his neck. Exploring him with lips and tongue she ate her way up under his chin, nibbling along his jawbone. He gave her about two minutes to explore then he’d had enough.

Intoxicating witch had no idea what she did to him. He’d been as gentle as he knew how to be so far. Trying to ease her into accepting what he was. Last night’s restraint had cost him more than he cared to think about. Her tongue licked through his control with the same destructive power of a wildfire wind-walking a California forest.

Hard lips captured her mouth, punishing the little explorer for lighting the fuse on his libido. He loomed over her as his mouth demanded she open for him. Her melting acceptance only slightly mollified the beast. One of his hands moved from her back to cup her head, holding her under his mouth as he plundered the sweet interior.

The kiss was hot, urgent and a drawn out journey into sexuality. He thrust into her with leashed power, letting her know exactly how he’d like to be thrusting into another part of her body. His firm hand palming the back of her head demonstrated the control he would take of her pleasure. Ruthlessly extending the kiss into an endless demand showed her that next time would last a long time.

Kelly moaned, her body shifting under the blanket as heat bloomed between them. Her breasts suddenly felt heavy, the nipples aching. His mouth would not release her so she pressed into the hard ridges of muscle of his chest and tried to relieve the ache by rubbing over him. And still he plundered her. Her hips rolled as she rubbed her legs together. A firm hand grasped her hip bone, holding her still.

As he lifted from her mouth at last, holding her immobile at head and hip, Kelly sucked in a sharp breath. His eyes were shielded by lowered lids but they were molten smoke. Yesterday she had thought steam was the color of his eyes. Today he looked at her through the gray warning of fire within.


Anonymous said...

*pant, pant*
I absolutely can't wait for this story to be released!


Anonymous said...

When will this one be released and who is the publisher? Also when is BlindFire coming out?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gail!
I have missed Cord and Kelly.
Each and every one of your words is as smooth and delightful as ice cream on a really hot day.
Who wouldn't love to have "a lick" of Cord? (Myself included!!)

Gail said...

I don't have a publish date for WICKED BEAST. I'm hoping for this fall, if publisher chooses to offer a contract on it.

Thank you all for the support. I hate waiting to hear if a story is accepted.

Kealie Shay said...

WOW, *sigh*, I just love the way you write.

Can't wait to see this one released.

Georgia Woods said...

Oh, my...Love this one. You do have a way with words...


Saku said...

Gail, you are incredibly talented, as well you should know. My now favorite book of all time (which has come to help me understand just the type of romantic relationship I seek) is "Into His Keeping. So well-written, evocative and sexy as hell! I want a man just like that, I really, really do. I've read everything you've published so far, and can't wait to devour another of your books. I'm so glad to see you're feeling better and inspired to write again. You've got fans waiting to support you! Thanks for your talent and similar sensibilities - Saku =)