Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Its good to be a dreamer.

We all know I’m an escape artist. Stepping into another world in my mind is something I perfected long ago. It has always come in handy as a way to escape stress. Seriously. Finding that others like going to that other world with me was surprising.

The point is, the next three weeks are filled with stress for me. Should have a great book out of it. LOL

For those of you asking about Blind Fire, I’m not done with it yet. Some books take longer to write. I don’t know why. For me, the pace of a book is unique to that book. There is one manuscript that took me five years to write. Twice I’ve written a book in a week. Most of my other work has taken six to nine months to write. Still, that's short and I wonder if those books would have been better had I let them sit after finishing and then gone back to them. Actually, I’m sure they would have been better, which is why I don’t read my own books after publish.

Right now I have three completed manuscript waiting for word from various publishing people. It’s been a long time since my last release, sorry. If I wrote faster the story would be garbage and you’d hate it. This does not mean stop asking for what you want. It's encouraging to hear what you're waiting for.

Another update. The JAMIE’S CHERUB world will shortly have a sequel. Currently it has a prequel, but the story stands alone. It’s one of the completed manuscripts. There will be another prequel and then the big book in which you'll realize you’ve read two prequels already. You ask, why did I write them this way? The best answer is, this is how they speak to me.

No one ever said my muse was a good scheduler. Don't tell him I said that.


Anonymous said...

Dear Gail,
Don't ever fret too much about how quickly you publish. Your little teasers will forever keep us coming back and we will try to quietly encourage/urge you to complete more. We always have your past published books, and believe me, I love re-reading Full Ride. Even years later, Gray can still make me swoon! Keep listening to your muse.... we want hot and sizzling on your timetable.(Or is it muse's timetable?) We don't want fast, cold and crappy stories...
Thanks Gail... keep writing.. don't worry, we'll always be waiting (quietly and breathlessly!)

Kealie Shay said...

All I know is that I will eagerly await whatever your muse schedules. I completely agree with everything Rita said.

And, WOW, your muse is male? Do you think he hooks up with other author's female muses? At least, I think my muse is female... she sure sounds female to me.

Take your time, and I know we'll get what we've come to expect from your work. Incredible depth of character, men that send chills down the spine and HOT love.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gail
Where is the story of Jackson? I thought I read an excerpt. Loved the story of Holdin Powell - Into his Keeping. I think this is your best work yet.

Gail said...

Thank you. I didn't mean to tell anyone to be quiet. Honestly. I was just trying to explain.

Yep, the muse is male. I had to come to that conclusion because he gets totally fed up with my girly side. That's when I write a book in a week.

He drags my butt out of bed and demands my attention, usually at around three in the morning. In case you can't tell, he's suspiciously dominant. Not mean, he promises me a good time, but I have to work for it. The first draft is his.

Jackson's story is coming. Just not right now.

Anonymous said...

Blind Fire I can't wait for that one! I know it is gonna be great. Happy 4th! Later Lucy

N.J.Walters said...

As long as you keep writing it doesn't matter how long it takes.