Thursday, July 3, 2008

Promo on steriods

I’m talking about live action, movie preview book teasers. It’s the biggest thing in promo.

Problem is, I’ve never seen one I liked, or even enjoyed. Realistically, there is no way a book teaser can live up to actual movie previews or even rock videos. I guess my question is, why do they keep making them? Okay, the people who could answer don’t read this blog, I realize that. But still, seriously, they are stupid compared to the visuals we’re used via TV and movies.

I have seen many Power Point type promos that force me to buy the book. I love watching them. Am I weird? LOL

Here is why this is on my mind. I went to a favorite, famous author site and saw a book I’m waiting for is soon coming out. They made a video teaser. It %^@#!1!!! Ah, I mean, I was disappoint with the visuals and really wished I hadn’t seen it. However, I had no control over pushing that button. I knew every other video teaser I’ve ever seen actually detracted from the book for me. I still pushed the button. I watched the whole thing.

Is there a group to deal with this? Twelve steps? Something?


the.witch said...

as a commercial (july 3rd, hostages were taken out of Columbia today. was the ghost unit working?

N.J.Walters said...

I think that book teasers can be a great promo tool. Having said that, I've never made one. I've never actually gone looking for one either. They rarely live up to the book.

Kealie Shay said...

I wouldn't know about why, as I have yet to be published so the thought of getting one made hasn't crossed my mind.

I do agree, though. They never live up to the book, and I HAVE to push that button! So, if you find a group, let me know and I'll sit through the meetings with you!