Tuesday, July 8, 2008

County Fair

Home from Hannibal and the summer fun continues!

The County Fair is OPEN! This qualifies as cause for rejoicing in some quarters of this family. Me, all I see is much walking and standing around in the sun while the munchkin rides those things that scare me to death. I look around at the carnival workers and can’t muster positive feelings about their construction skills. I want to personally inspect the nuts and bolts of every ride. Grrrrrr.

Then there is the food. I guess I’m a chronic worrier. If the food is not deep fried as we wait for it, how do I know it’s clean? Of course, deep fried is the worst nutrition.

Packing my handy wipes, hand disinfectant, band aids, bottles of water, pulling on the walking shoes and going to the fair.

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