Monday, August 11, 2008

A few of the thing that happen to men

He develops a codependent relationship with his grill. It somehow reflects his Y chromosome awesomeness. I don’t understand this so I can’t explain it but males will say to each other. “Where’s your grill? You do HAVE a grill?” In the same tone one would say, “You do have balls?! Right?” In few males this relationship also transfers to the mowing equipment, but certainly not in all of them.

Shortly after the wedding a male who has previously been living on his own for years will suddenly experience catastrophic laundry information loss. Inexplicably, he has no recollection of how to run a washing machine or dryer.

Again, shortly after any type of wedding ceremony he will experience Ice Tray Phobia. This is the belief that refilling an ice tray will result in erectile dysfunction. It’s the only explanation for a male who will use all the ice in four ice trays and replace them in the freezer, empty. Upon opening the freezer looking for ice he is forced to call his wife and ask if they have ice. Since he is gazing in confusion at the empty ice trays, I am unsure where he thinks she is hiding the missing ice.


byrdloves2read said...

OMG Yessss! Years ago, Bill and I heard a joke about a man who opened the refrigerator looking for the leftover pie, but he couldn't find it. He called to his wife and asked if she had eaten it. So, of course, she had to get up, go into the kitchen and open the refrigerator to find it for him. She moved the milk bottle to the side and, lo and behold, there was the pie. It was behind the milk. All he had to do was shift it a little and he would have seen it.
So now when Bill asks me to find something for him, and I do, I just say "It was behind the milk." Because it's usually in the cupboard and I just had to shift stuff to find it. sigh

Kealie Shay said...

My DH all of a sudden has no idea how to pick his clothing up off the floor... neither can he ever remember where he put a single thing he owns. "HONEY, have you seen my belt?" "The one you JUST took off like two minutes ago? It's right there."

*Sigh* It's a darned good thing we love them isn't it?

Georgia Woods said...

OMG ... just bought Doug what he calls his "MAN GRILL" yes said complete with capital letters and very deep voice and fists... Now whenever other men come over to visit, he has to take them outside and show them the MAN GRILL, and they all ooh and ahh and tell him what a lucky man he is... I don't get it.


P.S. Yes on the just had to shift stuff - what is up with that??? Can't say the rest - he picks up after himself, helps me clean, and does laundry, so I guess I shouldn't complain, but sometimes... *gritting teeth*