Thursday, August 21, 2008

Makes me crazy

Every time I read the manuscript I’m polishing, there is something stupid or wrong I didn’t see the last ten times I read it. How is that possible?

I know it happens to every author, doesn’t mean I like it.

So this should tell you that I’m in the final stages of polishing and feeling a bit frustrated. I adore this story. I’m going cross eyed.

The good news is I’ll have a publish date soon. ASK FOR IT, is the shape shifter prequel to the JAMIE’S CHERUB sequel.

If you’ve read JAMIE’S CHERUB you might have noticed that Dominus has a natural aversion to wolves. Mmmmm…There could be a very natural reason for that. Enough hints. LOL


N.J.Walters said...

What's even worse is finding it after the book has been published. It happened to me today and there is nothing I can do about it. The mistake will be fixed when the book goes to print. And that will be who knows when.

Congrats on being in the final stages of finishing ASK FOR IT. Good news for readers!

joanie said...

Grammar, punctuation, and spelling are learned skills. Writing is a gift that cannot be taught. I would trade with you in a heartbeat.

I love you, hon.

Gail said...

Yikes, NJ. I know that feeling all to well. Thanks for stopping by, I'm honored.

Miss Joanie, you know you have mad SKILLZ! I lust them! LOL