Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yayyyy. I should know when ASK FOR IT will be released by the beginning of next month. Hopefully this winter. I'm proud to say ASK FOR IT will be released through Ellora's Cave Publishing. Ellora's two release days a week means sometimes one can slip into the release schedule earlier than most publishers.

I just posted the first chapter on the website. It should show up under the Coming Soon part.

Here is the blurb:

Ask For It
Gail Faulkner

Five years ago Sahara refused Tor in favor of her late husband. Widow of a Leonor warrior, she is out of reach, even for the high king. Goddess help him, this woman strips his soul to the savage core, and enduring it is eating through his control.

Little sister-in-law normally avoids him at all costs. Seeing her in line for an audience is a surprise. Not as humanoid as she looks, Sahara is out of time in a very intimate way.

Getting her beneath him now is a risk. Sahara summons the dominate lion within, but losing this woman a second time is not an option. The surrender he requires is the one thing she needs to give, and Tor realizes he had no idea what sexual hunger was before. Now he understands the violence of that distant age when her kind walked his world.

What he will not allow is for her sacrifice to be the blood price of peace. The future will be theirs, even if it’s his blood purchasing it.

Reader Advisory: These Lions are big and dominant. They fight to kill and love ’til death. Nothing is taboo when it comes to their females and the pleasure these males take so much pride in providing.


Anonymous said...

YES!!!!! Can't wait!!! am so glad to be getting a new gail book:):)

zinreads said...

I cant believe I have "WAIT FOR IT". *lol* Sounds awesome, and I am off to check out the excerpt.

How's Charlie coming along?


Georgia Woods said...

Oh, finally! I've been waiting for this one - I'm SOOOO tickled to hear it's on its way... I just KNOW I'm going to love it! Congrats, Gail, and here's to tons of sales...


Gail said...

Gail is happy dancing as well. It's been way to long since I had a release date! A girl needs her dates!

byrdloves2read said...

It's about time we had a new book from you!