Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sketching this morning

I believe the next book I'll be releasing is ASK FOR IT.

The inhabitants of Leonor are not exactly human. This is the third sketch of a Leonor male and still Tor hasn't shown his face.

He's tickin' me off. Now that his book is written he doesn't listen to me so much. Just pats me on the butt and tells me to go bug someone else.

This is Burke, one of Tor's brothers.

Image: All rights reserved, Gail Faulkner


Nancy R said...

Love the look, can't wait for the full story. Will it be an EC book.

Gail said...

Thanks Nancy, and yes. ASK FOR IT is an Ellora's Cave release. I should know a publish date in the next two weeks.

JC said...

After reading the excerpts, I can't seem to wait for this book! I'm already excited.

byrdloves2read said...

Obviously I haven't been stopping by regularly.

Love this sketch. Can't believe Tor is being so difficult. LOL How great that when you CAN see one of your characters' faces you have the ability to show the rest of us. You are SO talented.

Gail said...

Thank you byrdloves! Tor is way too Alpha for his britches. Um, well, actually he's most interesting when he gets to big for his britches. LOL