Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thank you to all !!

I can't thank you guys enough, I can breathe again. Wicked Beast was a difficult release date simply because it has been so long. Intelletually I know some will like it and some will not. Saddly my muse is a child and needs the possitive feedback. Being creative is very child-like and well, I don't want the muse to grow-up enough not to care. Not to say I can't pull on the big-girl panties and deal with things, I can, I think. LOL

So thanks again. You've made it a happy release date for me.

Working on the next book. It will not be years this time. :)



icia said...

It is soooo nice to see you're back to writing. I hope you're doing well. icia

Anonymous said...

Just read Wicked Beast loved it!

Hope to see more from you soon

Gail said...

Thank you both! I am thrilled everytime someone says they enjoyed it.


security equipment said...

This is not the first of your posts I've read, and you never cease to amaze me. Thank you, and I look forward to reading more.