Monday, October 31, 2011

Amazon Mispelling!!!

I have been impatiently checking Amazon to see when Wicked Beast will be listed. Today I find it is listed but under Gail Faulker!! So a search for Gail Faulkner and you get everything but Wicked Beast.

This has Gail snarling and yet, how to fixed it?? I have notified Ellora's Cave but have not been able to find one small door into the mighty Amazon. No avenue to ask for a change from the lowly authors. Makes me just a little bit madder.

Here is the Amazon link anyway:
I don't see Wicked Beast listed at Barns and Noble yet, so can't tell if the error will carry over to them.

Back to being crazy mad.


Anonymous said...

I was so anxious to get your book that I searched Amazon every day since the Ellora's Cave release date. Being slightly OCD - I would search under your name, the book name and Ellora's Cave new releases. I found it with the title and new releases. I am pretty sure I bought it within minutes of them having it up. And P.S. I loved it; can't wait for the next installment.

Gail said...

Happy dancing that someone found it!!!!! Thank you for letting me know.

Nancy R said...

Gail, I had been searching Amazon every day. Found it on Sat. downloaded to my Kindle and finished it Sun. As soon as I was done I added it to my favorites list. Great read. Glad your back.

RubyT said...

Hey, Gail. I noticed when I left a review at Amazon they have fixed the spelling error.

Gail said...

Yayyy, Amazon is indeed fixed!! Thank you for the review Ruby!! It helps an author to have those. I really appreciate it!

RubyT said...

Hugs back at you Gail, we missed you.

Gina B Ahrens said...

OMG I just finished it and loved it! I can't wait for the next one!

Anonymous said...

Reading Wicked Beast now and enjoying it very much. When is your next book coming out? Can't get enough of your writing. Great stories so far.

slkpcme said...

Found it and loved it. So, so glad yo're releasing books again. I've been waiting and can say without a doubt - wicked beast is worth the wait!