Monday, November 7, 2011

What happens when I'm let out.

Went to a Revolutionary War re-enactment. Wow, guys in high boots, tight pants and splendid waistcoats!! Love those long rifles, even packin’ a pistol looks good when you dress it up.

Of course I had a book idea, ghost, time travel, you know, exactly what I don’t have time to write. The ghost in my head looks suspiciously like Daniel Day Lewis from Last of the Mohicans. He is soooo inspiring!

Back to this century, I went into a CVS to buy a soda and the Sunday paper. The paper was a dollar more than normal! I decided I didn’t need it that bad and went to my next stop. The Dollar General store had the Sunday paper at the register so I said to the clerk. “Its sad they raised the price of the paper.” He says “What? It’s the same as always.”

So there ya have it. CVS is gouging people for the paper!! What kind of evil empire does that? CVS just lost my business.

LOL I feel better now that I have punished them on my blog.

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parentof3 said...

lol a certain gas station near me does someting similar. On my way home I pass it and the gas is the cheapest I've seen it all week so I'm excited and get up extra early in the morning to gas up and guess what? It's .10-.15 cents higher!!! Drives me nuts, I've just learned to gas up immediately no matter how tired I am :-P.