Monday, January 23, 2012

Cover Any Price

Accidentally deleted this post...opps

Confessing, I was removing older Any Price posts because ms has changed and I didn't want the older versions confusing everyone.

I will post a tease as soon as I get this edit done.
:::wicked smile firmly in place:::::


Daphne said...

Hi really excited that a new book is coming out already! I am feeling totally spoiled - its like Christmas again :)

Will you be releasing "Any Price" for the Kindle when its released at Ellora's Cave? Or a few days later?

Gail said...

Hi Daphne! I have no control over when this book gets to Kindle, that is something EC managment does. I've noticed the early release to Kindle for some authors but I think they are earning a higher "tax bracket" than I am. :)

I am thrilled with my publish date too, it's so quick!! Wow. We are not even through edits yet.

parentof3 said...

Yea!! So excited, can't wait for the back blurb and excerpt to further wet my appetite :-D.