Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It’s going to be an amazing year. I hope all of you have the same feeling.

Already everything is different and it’s still January. My beloved editor at EC is moving on to new opportunities. I’m so happy for her yet so sad for me. There is no doubt my new editor will be an absolutely wonderful person. I’m afraid of her already. LOL

Another thing different about this year is my one resolution. I resolve to NOT do anything icky. That means I will refuse when I don’t want to do something. No more polite agreement when I simply detest “helping” with something, or “just fixing” something, or “handling that little thing” for someone else.

In the revolt against doing anything icky, I have actively set about fighting for my writing time. I know that sound odd to most people. Not having an out of the home job, every other person in my world assumes I have scads of time to do things for them.

So working hard at making my world different.

Here is what’s happening right now.

Any Price is at EC for editing

I am finishing a manuscript this week, it is not part of a previous series. My CP has to read it and be very firm with me about what needs fixing. That takes us a month. Then I’ll be submitting to a different publisher. Scary!!

I will then be working on Blind Fire, a Ghost Unit book. If all goes well and the muse dances across my keys with total abandon I’ll have it ready for EC by late spring.

You do realize, all of the above is subject to change…LOL



Anonymous said...

It takes your CP a month?! Wow! She can't be very good. ;-)/J.

Georgia Woods said...

Blind Fire? Oh my gosh, I've been watching for that one. :) I remember the bits from the old site - yay!

I'm so glad to see you writing again - feeding my Gail addiction. :)