Saturday, March 14, 2015

CLAIR OF EARTH Excerpt # 2

Excerpt #2: CLAIR OF EARTH available MONDAY, March 16,2015 on Erotic BDSM Sci/Fi Romance

Last night 11:35 p.m., Earth

Clair’s eyes blinked open in shock. How she knew there was something to be shocked about was unclear. It wasn’t a sound that penetrated her brain. It was something a heck of a lot more basic but there was no time to analyze. He towered at the foot of her bed, gazing down at her. Noble features highlighted with deep shadows as the nightlight painted him with feeble illumination.

“Oh, my God,” Clair heard herself breathe as the shock of his presence in her bedroom thundered through the sexual haze and killed it. At least that should have happened. Really, seriously, should have been a huge downer to find the object of her secret crush standing at the foot of her bed looking down at her. She was lying on top of the covers, knees cocked wide, holding the freaking dildo in her pussy, other hand working her clit. Was there a more exposed, vulnerable position? No. So lying there staring up at him was probably wrong and um, well, wrong.

Then she panicked, as anyone would, but all she got to was the deep breath to prepare for the flight part of the fight-or-flight response before he pounced. Not leapt, not jumped, no, Trel pounced. The fluid power of his movement meant Clair suddenly found herself beneath a whole lot of heavy male. One of his hands had both of her wrists over her head. The other male hand grasped the end of her dildo still lodged in her body. His large frame suspended just above her body on knees and elbows would not allow her legs to close and they were now nose to nose.

“Oh, my God,” Clair repeated. Not that she was actually in control of her responses, verbal or physical. “What are you doing?” was the next thing out of her mouth. Not, Get off me. Or, Get it out. Or even, No. Any of which would have been the more reasonable response.

At her words, his head tipped to the side slightly as if he was listening to something else. Male fingers holding the dildo in her pussy moved and a thick thumb straightened, rasped across her clit, but he didn’t answer her verbally.

“Trel?” Clair squeaked.

“Yes,” he stated softly, his thumb firmly circling her clit.

“What are you doing?” she asked again because it seemed like an important question.

“I am taking what is mine.” His eyes never leaving hers, he slowly pulled the dildo from her body and tossed it off the bed. “This,” a thick forefinger pushed into her channel to his first knuckle, “is my wetness. Is it not?”

Clair’s gasp was not the response he required. She knew this because his hand at her wrists tightened slightly and pulled her arms straighter above her head, reminding her that she was restrained. The finger in her body pushed in deeper as he continued. “Do not attempt a lie, little one. My name was on your lips as that thing took your body. I am not pleased that my wetness was given to another.”

“I…ugh. What?” Clair tried to get a thought out, but the fingers at her already over-sensitive pussy were not allowing her time to think.

“Mine, Clair. Your words revealed this is mine and I will not tolerate another taking it.” He went on in a low growling tone.

His finger pulled out of her body, his large hand flattened to cup her intimately. Firmly holding her as her entire body began to tremble. Shock was getting a grip on her wildly inappropriate response to him. At last.

Clair squeezed her eyes closed.

“Look at me, Clair,” he commanded firmly.

His hands holding her, both intimate and restraining, totally short-circuited her brain. This amazing male, the object of what she had first told herself was just curiosity but later had to admit had always been sexual fascination, held her in his control. Overwhelming responses were crashing through her. Secret desires realized were dangerous things. They came with razor edges and no safety margins. Now he wanted to take away her one hiding place, the one behind her eyelids.

Clair found that she couldn’t refuse. Did he know she craved sexual submission? Know that coupling a command with his control of her body was the number-one erotic trigger for her? How could he? No one knew.

She looked up into the dark eyes regarding her.

“You will respond to the question,” Trel informed her. “Is this my wetness?” His hand flexed over her pussy.

“Yes,” Clair whispered.

“Was that thing you used provided by me?” he continued.

“No, but…”

“Then you gave my wetness to another,” he stated softly.


Anonymous said...

Two days - just two more days until I can read this in entirety. ... can't wait - then I have your other two books to look out for!

Gail said...

One more day!! Silly author happy dancing.

Yes... Two more from me this year! Both are on the Editor's dest right now!! Yayyyy