Monday, March 16, 2015

TODAY !! Clair of Earth is available NOW

So excited. Thank you for waiting so long between publishing. The next Gail Faulkner book is on track to be released shortly. Yayyyy

Purchase Clair of Earth HERE

If you enjoy the book, kindly leave a review on Amazon. You wouldn’t believe how much it means to an author's success. Thanks so much.


Anonymous said...

Read it too quickly!! I was hoping it would be a longer read.. but the epilogue suggests it might become a series???

Gail said...

Yep, this is book ONE. More Brintex guys are striding in.

teriannesis said...

when will it be available on other platforms? Not all of us have amazon accounts or Kindles

Gail said...

So sorry, it has to spend 90 days only on Amazon, after that it's going to other platforms. :) (about three months)