Sunday, March 22, 2015

Great News

Perfectly Exposed MS is back from the editor and it looks like it will publish end of April, beginning of May. Woohooo!

Perfectly Exposed is…um… Let me quote my editor, she explains it nicely.

“I loved, LOVED Jack. Those readers who loved Full Ride and the subsequent books in that series are going to be thrilled their Gail is back writing…and writing a man who will make them shiver.” Mary Moran

So Perfectly Exposed is a contemporary, action erotic romance.

Cover coming this week!


Then they were in a sort of hall off which four doors opened. His arm around her, hand still cupping her breast, they moved to one of the doors and he had it open, pulling her in the condo.

The next instant Hailey found herself facing the shut door, her hands pressed up, palms flat beside her head and a ton of hard male at her back. His lips at her ear, he directed in a low rumble that skittered down her bones, “This is where you stay while we get a few things straight, little one. You will listen and nod when asked if you understand. When I’m done, we’ll see what you have to say. Advice: Pay attention. Now nod if you understand.”

His hands glided down the undersides of her arms as he growled instructions in her ear. Hailey gulped at the sudden change in circumstances, her forehead against the door she nodded. Hard fingers grazed her armpits and came to rest at the sides of her breasts but didn’t do anything further as his deep voice continued.

“The moment that club door closed on your luscious ass, you became mine. That is the result of the choice you made to go there tonight. Nod if you understand.”

Hailey drew in a sharp breath. He remained a wall of unmoving male behind her, his hands holding her lightly, but other than that, the pose he’d put her in was a voluntary action on her part. It was the most exciting sexual experience of her life and nothing had happened. She knew the words coming at her were important. He had given her direction on how to respond but also, he was waiting for her to answer.

Nodding agreement to his statement would change everything. The huge, demanding man behind her was dangerous. Five years she had lusted after a mysterious, gentle, insanely good-looking Jack A. Stone, from afar! .

The whole afar thing meant she’d never met this guy. The one whose intensity blistered the air around her when he was displeased. The man whose hands never left her body except when driving a vehicle. The one who fondled her private flesh casually, even as he kept her covered in the very public places they had been tonight. Yes, even in the elevator, his hand had covered her breast while he played with her.

All of this flashed in the foggy miasma that was her brain, sparkles of thought that disappeared in willow-wisp fashion. So this was what it felt like to jump off a cliff. Yep, that was the only real thought she could hang on to.

Hailey nodded.


Anonymous said...

Is there a due date on this baby yet??

Gail said...

Not yet, but soon. I know, I keep saying that. It's doing its second round on the editor's desk. It's got a cover, so ready to go! :)