Friday, April 13, 2007

Words of Wisdom

Do not put the EMPTY ice tray back in the freezer. Resist the urge to forward that mass email. It's impossible to enjoy my own lunch while the person across from me is eating with their mouth open.

These are a few of the things that make me crazy. What's an everyday sort of thing that drives you nuts?


Joan said...


I'm standing in line at the local sub shop. The customer behind me has a coupon for a sub and asks the teenager behind the counter if he can use the coupon on a wrap instead of a sub. The teenager says "No."

The customer shrugs and says, "Okay," but he's obviously disappointed. I fumed silently, trying to give the customer a chance to work it out on his own.

When I was about to crack a molar from grinding my teeth, I said, "Oh, look at that! Subs and wraps are the same price. So why can't he use the coupon to get a wrap instead of a sub? If he was trying to get a more expensive sandwich, I could understand, but..." I let my voice trail off invitingly.

The kid frowned in confusion and said, "But when I enter the coupon into the register it says 'sub' and not "wrap."

I ground my teeth again and idly wondered why the hell the manager had hired someone who obviously rode the short bus to school.

I took a deep breath and tried again. "Okay. "Soooo," I said, pretending to think it over, "can you just tell the register that it is a sub instead of a wrap? As I said, they are the same price, so there's really no harm in it."

By now the customer with the coupon, I, and two other customers were all looking at the kid with hopeful, oh-come-on-be-a-pal looks.

The kid thought about arguing some more, looked past me to the other customers, and finally caved, but he wasn't happy about it. Somewhere in his new-hire training he missed the lesson that says, "Keep the customers happy, and they'll keep coming back."

A lesson that you, sweet Gail, obviously learned a long time ago, because your books always make me happy, and I always come back.

Love ya!

Gail said...

Awww Joan, thanks. I can just see you trying to fix it so everyone is happy.

Lindy said...

Ever notice that no matter which way you set down a bag of garbage, it's going to lean the other way & you have to turn it around so it'll sit without topping over? That drives me nuts. ;)

Nice blog, Gail. :>]

Gail said...

Thanks Lindy! OH, I know what you mean. And when you're in hurry, it dosn't matter how you put down the dang thing. It will fall over or the bag will break.