Friday, July 13, 2007

What makes a REAL writer?????

I submit the moment is as fickle as a butterfly in June. It moves from person to person, touching them at different times in the process.

For me, it was my first EVER acknowledgement from a reader. Since I’d never written an author in my life, it didn’t occur to me that people would actually tell me if they enjoyed the book. I was shocked. It was that giddy moment one is not sure “this” is really happening to me.

I understand that some people need to label everything. It’s like my need to rip up To Do lists. I NEED to destroy them. It’s not logical and it’s often a bad thing, but I wanna do it! Or the fact that I adore cookie jars. I don’t know why. They are large, often ugly and I can’t resist collecting them. It makes no sense. So putting out a set of standards that must be met to become a “real writer” makes no sense to me.

I still don’t feel like a “real writer” most of the time. Apparently RWA agrees with me most of the time. That might matter if RWA could cut me off from the publishing outlet I’ve chosen. They can’t, so I’ll just continue my merry blunder down the publishing path and enjoy the rewards of my “hobby.”

I do feel blessed in the extreme. Complete strangers have taken the time to contact me with their thoughts. I can’t think of a higher honor or award in this day and age.


Kelly said...

As someone who has pruchaed and read and enjoyed every one of your wonderful books, you ARE a REAL writer! Don't change a thing

Jennifer K. said...

I finally sat down and read Wanna Play. I've had it since it came out, but I was waiting for a time I had several hours free, so I could read it straight through.

Well. I did, and you done REAL good. *Southern speak for Whoo-hoo!*

I love the Ghost Unit boys. I'm ready for more. Oh, and I still hope you're planning on a sequel to Jamie's story. I gotta know what happens.

So, whenever you've got something new to share, let us know. I'll open up a few hours and enjoy the trip into your very vivid worlds.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what the RWA is doing and why. I wish someone would explain this to the readers who LOVE the accessibility of purchasing e-books...

Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us!

Gail said...

Thank you guys. I was a bit concerned ya know, but I've gotten over it. It's really simple. Readers are the only people who get to say I'm a writer or not...well, okay, an editor get to say it first *All Hail The Goddess of the Corned*

Daffinie said...

Sorry I missed whatever precipitated this question. As far as I am concerned: if you're writing them, and I'm paying for them, then you're a real writer.

What I REALLY want to know is what can I do to help you get those suckers published a whole lot faster?????? Could we at least get a date for the next one? Anticipation is good :-)

You have me hooked - I want to read whatever you want to write! So, please - get to it!!! :-)

Gail said...

Thank you Daffinie! As to getting them out of the head faster, I wish I knew how to do that. Some writers and write fast and well, I'm not one of them. LOL

Encouragement from people who've enjoyed the work helps a lot. Something about the validation helps a writer work through the story. There is always a point when I think the story is simply garbage and knowing that I have gotten past that before helps me do it again.