Friday, March 14, 2008

Capitols to start a sentence and Paragraphs USE THEM

It hurts my head when I read people who say they are published authors and wander around blogland leaving long comments with no capitals or worse, no paragraphs. Okay, not using capitols to start a sentence is probably worse. It shows a grade school lack of learnin'. Edjamacation is good!

I get tired of reading with no white space on a page. I NEEDS IT.

Do not tell me you’re a professional and then write like an id***!! First, after reading your sloppy thoughts I will never buy a book of yours. Second, I’ll think a lot less of you and the house that you write for.

Is that unfair? I don’t think so. After one states they are an author, the person has set themselves up as a professional and they are judged on that level. If I am judging, so are untold numbers who read the very popular blog they are posting on.

Humph, all done rantin'.


byrdloves2read said...

Right on, sister!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gail!!!
I teach second grade and I try to explain to my kids that we write so that someone else can read our imaginative stories. Poor spelling, punctuation and grammar make it that much harder for a reader to read and understand our stories. It breaks my heart when I see adults, esp. authors use poor spelling, grammar etc!! Don't they get it... my grade twos do!! I understand it's the computer age... but still, let's write so that everyone can appreciate the thoughts and words!
Thanks for addressing one of my biggest pet peeves.

the.witch said...

LOL I love when you rant...I get all hot and tingly....oh ... wait... maybe that's not when you rant?
:D hehehe

Even the poor spelling doesn't bother me as much as the poor punctuation /puntuation? LOL no, I think I spelled it correctly the first time...hehehe/ :D

1) MAN OH MAN! Dragon sounds SOOOOOO GOOD!!!

2) OMG! up to 9!!! months!...LOL well, I guess a new book in print, IS 'your baby' :D I'll keep my fingers crossed, and hope they get back to you sooner (ok, so I'm a selfish 'witch' and want one of your books NOW /and I don't even care which 'story', just something from your twisted little brain!/ as long as I can have a book from you soon)

3) Pebbles is SOOOOO CUTE!!! :D

HUG Gail! Miss you, and hope the words just flow from your brain to the typewriter (or whatever) :D

Gail said...

LOOK! Witchy dropped out of lurk!! Yayy.

swetergrl said...

I feel your pain. The main problem is that people think that just because they have vomited some letters onto a screen or paper, that's enough. They never learned that writing is just the beginning of meaning. Revision, proofreading -- whatever you want to call it -- should be a natural extension of writing.