Saturday, April 12, 2008

Birds being rude.

Some birds have amazing mating rituals. Most of them involve the male working dang hard at attracting a female. Pigeons and sparrows don’t bother with all that. It appears a pair make the nest and care for the chicks, but when it comes time to get “it on”, the female seems to change her mind a lot.

We have a very large expanse of lawn and the only smart thing they do is mate on the ground. So there they are, hopping all over, screeching and carrying on like they are going to kill each other. I look out worried the cat has caught a bird only to be treated to way more bird biology than I really want to know.

At least the weather is warming up, even if I can’t look the robins in the eye again for at least a month. Yeah, yeah, I write naughty books, doesn’t mean I wanna watch the animals.


Georgia Woods said...

Seems to me you'd get enough watching the dragons mating and not be interested in the birds... :-) I'd think they'd be way too tame...


Gail said...

The problem with the bird is forced seduction, to put it nicely.

Dragon does not have that problem. smile