Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Amazing things I learned today

A site that I enjoy, but primarily visit for research, took an unofficial poll today that had my attention. This board is made up of military or retired military men and women. It started as a Special Operations board but has branched out to almost every type of service. I only mention this because there are a great number of Special Ops guys. These men are fearless in every way.

It was a SEAL who started the thread with this.
” Inspired by the thread in the Aussie forum, Here is the discussion you have waiting for: wearing no underwear.

Team guys don't wear underwear. I don't own any.

How about the rest of you?”

Three pages of response later I have to say I will enjoy looking at men in uniform in a whole different way. Ladies, there is a 95% chance the man in fatigues/Dress Uni., except Whites, is Commando in every way.


SUPPORT THE TROOPS! Nothing else is. Dayammmmmn, I love being a visual person.


Anonymous said...

oh yum !

what's the site ???

Candice said...

can you please tell me the site. dont make me beg, cause its not pretty.