Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ahhh Summer

This summer we have prohibitive gas prices. Our electric bills are jumping at least twenty percent because of said fuel costs. Food prices for the staples are rising accordingly. What fun!

My plan for summer fun:

Stop eating store bought food. I can’t afford to drive to the store anyway. Find new and exciting ways to use dandelions for salad greens. Millions of bunnies can’t be wrong. Make gardening a serious job as opposed to the fun pastime it used to be. Possibly learn the pleasures of canning. Certainly make own jams and such from farmers market items. Doesn’t that sound special?

Spend middle of day in the above ground pool we bought several years ago that is too small but what the heck, its water. Can’t afford the AC so we’re calling it the Aqua Excise Program, or the prune experiment.

Do house work before sun comes up because of heat.

Write…um…after dark when I’m done canning, jelly making and such, have put the kidlet to bed and convinced her sleeping with a fan is what she wants to do. Use found lantern for light. It’s romantic and should inspire the writing. LOL

You think I’m kidding?


zinreads said...

I know your pain. *lol* I just bought my first home, and not even 24 hours later, my 6 yr old TOTALLY PAID FOR car, died. As in "can not be repaired" by my friendly, very talented neighborhood mechanic.

*sigh* So I committed budget suicide and bought a new car 24 hours after I signed my life away for a place to live.

It's a good thing my new front door has a big ol' glass insert in it - that way, I can park my new car in front of my new front door, and gaze at it all summer since I can't afford to go anywhere in it due to gas prices.

But I will buy anything you have published, no matter what!



Gail said...

Yikes Ann! Congradulations on the new house. So sorry about the new car. LOL

I have three manuscripts out for acceptance right now. Hopefully there will be something of mine for Christmas. Dosn't that sound depressing? LOL