Monday, June 16, 2008

Introducing Tor

ASK FOR IT is futuristic or Sci/Fi, I'm not sure what makes it one or the other. Here is the opening, besides editing, I think it will stand.

Remember, Gail needs editing! Read at your own risk.

Tor hadn’t planed on killing anyone today but a male at the back of the line was earning himself a future measured in minutes. Bastard was trying to talk to her. What the drednell was she doing in his audience hall? Bastard had better not touch her.

Soft leather shifted on massive thighs as his body tightened in tension. Vicious claws extended, gripped the throne arms then disappeared. She did this, forced him to think about controlling his body. One side of his muzzle lifted in a snarl, baring a long incisor.

Low in his gut possessive-want fired up. It was more than lust and it throbbed whether she was here or not, an open wound that never healed.

Tall for a human, her perfectly proportioned body drew male eyes no matter how simply she dressed. It would be impossible to disguise those firm muscles giving her sleek curves. Tor wouldn’t mind if she tried though. The simple dress just highlighted natural beauty instead of concealing it. Tilted gray eyes shadowed by lush lashes gave her glance mystery. The killer was her full lips. They teased a male regardless of what she said or did. Her mouth was made for kissing. But more than that, no heterosexual male could look at those lips and not imagine them wrapped around his cock.

Tor hated that. It wasn’t her fault she was built for sex. He knew she fought the impression but dark, erotic invitation wafted around her. Not the normal sex one thought of when looking at a beautiful female. No. With her it was edgy and dangerous. Less confident males always backed out of her path.

“Why is the Beloved of my Brother standing in line to speak with me?” Tor questioned his Visor, ignoring the two males arguing their dispute before him.

“She insisted, My Lord,” Karloff, High Visor, bowed as he responded.

“Unacceptable,” Tor snapped. Thick muscles bunched in fluid grace as he rose from the throne. Well over seven foot, the dark ruffed Leonor king was an imposing figure as he looped off the dais.

Offence rippled through him but it couldn’t come close to his strongest response as he neared the woman. She drew him with such power it was difficult not to feel mesmerized. His eyes never left her form the moment he realized she was in his lair. The back of his neck burned in battle ready awareness as he covered the distance separating them.

“Beloved of my Brother,” High King Tor greeted Princes Sahara.

Tor inhaled deeply while reaching for her slim hand. The subtle scents of the wind washed through him. Her scent. Light, elusive, much like the woman whose hand trembled in his lose grip. The tremor stopped as she pulled out of his grasp. Fierce, golden eyes remained locked on cool gray ones as she bent a knee to him.

“My Lord,” Sahara responded.

“What insult is this that you stand in line to speak with your brother-in-law?” Tor growled. She would ascribe his harsh tone to the subject of his question, not the real reason he could not keep inflection out of his voice. She had pulled away from him. She always pulled away from him. Except for that short time, the little desert flower eluded his touch at every opportunity. Tor cut off the memory he could not afford.

“Ex-brother-in-law,” she corrected softly. “I am simply waiting to speak with the king like everyone else. No insult intended, My Lord.”

“Widow of my brother does not make you an ex-anything. Come,” he directed, capturing her wrist in a light hold. “We will speak in private. The insult is enough already.”

“Oh but, all these people are waiting to see you. I don’t want to make their trip here pointless,” she protested as he tugged her out of line and towards a side door.

“You should have considered that before getting in line instead of contacting me directly,” Tor responded tightly. He couldn’t cross the wide hall fast enough without dragging her. He was tempted to pick her up but that would become complicated when he refused to put her down. He wasn’t delusional enough to think he’d stop touching her if he managed to get her in his arms again.

ASK FOR IT coming soon.


Georgia Woods said...

Yikes!! Hot, hot, hot!!! So when's this one gonna be done? You get us all hot and bothered with one, then toss another one out... arghhh....not nice, not nice at all!!


Gail said...

Thank you Georgia! Good news is this one is done. Bad news is I haven't submitted it yet. Doing some polishing.

Nancy said...

Polish quick. I have read all of your previous books twice. Can't wait for something new.

Regards, Nancy

Zhan said...

Yay! I can't wait. It sounds sizzling hot!