Friday, July 11, 2008

Just me

Waiting to hear if a manuscript is accepted is bad. Waiting to hear on three of them, torture. I have no idea how this happened. Usually I finish one and submit it. Work on another, or two others, but never have more than one done at a time. I used to think that was a bad thing but now I’m tied to my inbox in breathless fear and anticipation. Grrrrrrrrr

The county fair was like walking through the dark side of Mayberry. You didn’t know Mayberry had a dark side? Let me tell you, it’s ugly. The county fair is apparently the time to drag out one’s best Goth look or have absolutely no interest in appearing human. It varies.

The child loved it. She won a huge prize and thankfully doesn’t like the scary rides.

I’m not going to post an excerpt. What happens if the book is not accepted? As a writer I’d hate to have to say that. You would naturally want to know where the book is if I keep putting up excerpts. So all you get is my slightly disgruntled point of view. Isn’t that special? LOL

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