Monday, October 20, 2008

Bit of a rant

Blogland rules for Authors.
1. Thank all reviewers, regardless of reviewer’s view.
2. Silence is golden = avoid blogland battles. ESPECIALLY WHEN IT’S ABOUT YOUR WORK!
3. Read rule number one again.
4. Read rule number two again.

The rules are the same in the regular work world. Bloggers hand over money for the book and that makes them the boss. If one’s boss does not like one’s work, they get to say whatever they want. Even if it’s wrong. Keeping the job means keeping one’s mouth shut.

I realize this is difficult. One of my books gets both glowing reviews and bad reviews. The word “mess” keeps showing up in the bad ones. However, it’s the book I get the most requests for a sequel to. Very confusing. But I digress.

From an employee point of view, no one is monitoring the boss and that’s not fair. "Fair" is not a right! GET OVER IT! (unless you're a union member...)

Money changing hands is the great bottom line. If I’m taking your money for my work, I don’t get to tell you how to do YOUR job.

I guess this is a rant. I'm so frustrated with authors behaving badly.

Bloggers have been known to extend the entertainment by “going after” an author who can’t manage to follow the rules. Going to the author’s blog, website, wherever, and commenting. It's not fair and becomes a personal attack, but that's the blogger's right as long as the author is in the public domain. The most frustrating thing is, this wouldn't work for the blogger if the author would just stop commenting back!

Embracing the concept that a bad review is often good for the author is a lot like eating Brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts smell bad and are almost never done “right”, but they are very good for a body. (I don't think I spelled brussels sprouts right but I'm currently too rushed to look it up on the Internet.)


Deb said...

Please ignore the bad reviews.
Your writing rocks !

My only complaint is that when I finish one of your books, I want the next one straight away :-)

More please Ms Faulkner !

Gail said...

NOVEMBER 14, next book being released at EC. For once I can supply the request. LOL

Deb said...

Already got it marked on the calendar :-)

zinreads said...

Just try to remember that reviews are opinions, and everyone has an opinion (just as they also have.... *lol*).

Just because you have an opinion, and you put it out there in public does NOT make your opinion right or wrong, and it does NOT mean that you speak for EVERYONE with your opinion. *shrug*

I think Bloggers get so frenzied when an author responds or tries to open a dialogue with them about a blog post because their blog is to them as your book is to you.

They slaved over it (no matter what it looks like or how short it is) and they had the courage to put it out for public consumption. Only without benefit of editorial direction. *g*

People tend to hang out where they feel confortable - where they agree with the opinions of the blogger, so that only makes your point, because should an author (or anyone) tries to post a differing opinion, they all jump on the odd man out.

Being odd man out doesn't mean your point is less valid or wrong, (nor does it make you right) it just means you are the only person on the blog (at that time) who has a different opinion.

I would suggest a 3rd rule: If you know there is a negative review out there -- DON'T GO READ IT. Bloggers are rarely constructive, and their inability to constructively say why a book didn't work for them personally, makes their "review" pointless and not a review by definition.

Personally, I really enjoy your writing Gail and I hope you continue to publish so I can continue to read and enjoy them.

Ignore the bad reviews, unless it comes from your editor or maybe Publishers weekly -- because they may actually have a basis of knowledge to draw from as opposed to a blogger who just spews letters out in a random pattern until they form semi coherent sentences. *g*


joanie said...

Oooooo! Nicely done, Ann!

Gail, what Ann said.

Love you, hon.

Gail said...

I am impressed with the wisdom and insight each one of you brings to reading me. It's a little scary. I didn't mean to focus on my bad reviews but you plucked that comment out and knew it was not a "throw away" part of the blog entry.

(Hands on hips, best commanding voice) Stop reading my mind! LOL

The adult part of me knows there will be people who don't enjoy reading my work. The child within does not understand. Being creative means nurturing the inner child. She is the dreamer who can create new worlds to play in.

Switching between adult responses and a child's reactions is the key.

So thank you for the support. I wish I could say the bad reviews do not bother me, that would be a lie. However, I do get past them.

Deb said...

Please remember that for every one bad review, there are 20 or more people who read the book and enjoyed it.
We are the silent majority who rarely blog, but merely enjoy.

Georgia Woods said...

Hey, sweetie, I SOOOO agree with those who've posted so far. Every author has their set of fans, and it's for them they write, it's their opinions they need to care about. I kind of have the attitude that if their opinion doesn't have anything to do with my world, it's not worth worrying about. I wouldn't read the good reviews or the bad ones, if I could help it - read the letters from your fans - they are the ones who matter. And like I tell the authors I work with - that one snarky comment you made could cost you a reader, or a fan, or a contract - you never know who will read it or how long it'll follow you around. If we expect to be treated like professionals, we must act like them.